Our current list of new books includes

The Story of Shamrock, by Victor Middleton.

First published 2019 by The Shamrock Trust.
Booklet, A5, 28 pages, 21 illustrations, £3.50. All proceeds from the sale of this booklet will go to The Shamrock Trust.

A history of the classic Windermere launch Shamrock, together with a profile of her long-time owner and restorer, Roger Mallinson. Also an account of the development of tourism in the English Lake District, of which boats like Shamrock were a significant aspect .

Windpower Principles: their application on the small scale, by NG Calvert.

First published 1979 by Charles Griffin. Calvert Technical Press edition published 2004
ISBN 978 0 9513620 6 8, Paperback, A5, 116 pages, 35 illustrations, references, bibliography, index, £6.00.

An introduction to the theory and practise of small windmills from an expert in both aspects. Ideal for the anyone wishing to build and install their own plant.

We also have a small supply of the original 1979 hardback edition available at £15.00.

Steam Engine Principles: their application on a small scale, by NG Calvert

First published 1991, ISBN 978 0 9513620 1 3, paperback, 130 pages, £6.00.

A technically sound but accessible introduction to the theory and practise of small scale steam plant. Ideal for the model engineer or preservationist.

Steamboating Guide

First published 1994, ISBN 978 0 9513620 4 4, paperback, 175 pages, £2.50.

A compilation of articles from The Funnel, the magazine of the  Steam Boat Association of Great Britain covering practical matters ranging from designing boilers to tying knots.

Steam Tables and Other Data for Steam Enthusiasts

First published 1991, ISBN 978 0 9513620 2 0, booklet, 12 pp, £2.00.

Tables, in both British Thermal and SI units, of the properties of steam over the range of interest for preserved and reproduction steam engines, and other relevant data.

Please note: we can offer reductions on most of the above prices for members of the Steam Boat Association of Great Britain. Tick the box on the Order Form for details.

An Engineering Data Book    edited by JR Calvert and RA Farrar

Paperback, 112 pages. Note: The original Calvert Technical Press version of this book is now out of print. The third edition, published by Palgrave (ISBN 978 0 230 22033 1) is now available through booksellers, price about £17.99.

112 pages of symbols, formulae, equations, numbers, graphs and tables for the student or professional engineer. Coverage includes: Symbols and Units, Physical Constants, Analysis, Analysis of Experimental Data, Mechanics, Properties and Mechanics of Solids, Properties of Materials, Earth and the Environment, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Automatic Control, Electricity and Magnetism, Soil Mechanics, Structures, Symbols Index, Keyword Index. 

Secondhand University Textbooks

We have a number of university level Engineering textbooks, mostly in the field of Fluid Mechanics. Please email enquiries@ctpress.co.uk for further information.

Steamboat Links

In particular, see the Steam Boat Association's home page and the newly reopened Windermere Steamboat Museum, now known as Windermere Jetty.

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